What’s Self Hypnosis Resource all about?

It is a blog to help people to make & sustain change in their lives with the help of hypnosis. But not only just hypnosis.  The posts here are an amalgam of different influences, from Huna to Buddhism through to cognitive neuroscience and more.

I have been interested in and studying the Mind for over 30 years. I got interested after reading some books that involved a martial art and some of the feats that these people achieved in healing their body after they were injured. This raised the question in me, “what was it that these people tapped into that allowed them to do what they did?”

This question has led me to a study of the Mind and hypnosis. I studied the early pioneers through to the recent users, like NLP. From Auto-suggestion through to conversational hypnosis.

A consequence of my study has led me to raise my children with awareness of what influences we have over them with the words we use around them and direct at them.

The journey to awareness is a long & winding one.  Sometimes we wake up to it, then promptly fall back into the trance of daily life. My hope for this blog, is that it helps you, the reader, to learn some things that will help you on your journey through life as well as provide you with some effective tools and techniques that you can use along the way.

Enjoy the journey and hopefully you find the information in the blog of use to you. Please share if you do!



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