What has Learning to Paddle Board Got to Do With Self Hypnosis?

I suppose some of you are wondering what learning to Paddle Board has to do with self-hypnosis. Well quite a bit really!

swinging watch

You see, what we focus on and then talk ourselves into, (hypnotise ourselves), becomes our new reality.

I hypnotised myself to focus on staying on the paddle board for longer and longer periods of time. That became my reality. No matter that there were boat wakes and waves, I stayed on the paddle board the whole time I was out on the water.

Now if I’d allowed my brothers suggestion to take hold, I would have been falling off the board, rather than staying on it!!

If you lock your mind around a given idea, and you hold that idea to be true, it will be for you. For me, in this instance, it was staying on the paddle board. This became my truth and reality.

What idea are you locking your mind around? Is this idea positive and supportive and taking you in the direction you want to go, or is it negative and unsupportive and taking you in the opposite direction that you want to go?

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About selfhypnosisresource

Hi there. I have an interest in personal change - for the better and have done so for many years. I am working on meditation - that's a work in progress. I have been on a number of Vipassana retreats. I found these of great value. I also have an interest in self-hypnosis and how it can help with self improvement. My blog is on topics associated with personal change, hypnosis, Vipassana and Huna
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