What Do You Mean – Be Do Have?

Be-Do-Have.  What does this mean?  Occasionally you’ll hear reference to Be-Do-Have.  This refers to the fact that what you are, drives what you Do, resulting in what you Have.  But many people focus on the HAVE and ignore the BE.  As a result they either don’t get what they want or a fail.

Why is this?  This can be explained by the fact that you get the Result (Have) because you are essentially still the same person.  This can be put another way:  your Beliefs + your Thoughts + your Actions = your Results.

Be Do Have


You see, your underlying beliefs and your thoughts will drive the actions you take and ultimately deliver the results. So if your beliefs and thoughts are not in alignment with your desired outcome (Have),  no amount of action will give you the result you want.

  • See in order to Have Wealth you need to Be wealthy.
  • In order to Have Happiness – you need to Be Happy.
  • If you want to Have a good health  – you need to Be healthy

I know that sounds confusing – so I’ll explain.  You see the Be is made up of your Beliefs and Thoughts.

Be Do Have

Your Beliefs and Thoughts need to support what you are trying to Have.  If they don’t, you won’t get what you want.  To get the Have you need to change your beliefs and thoughts so that they support the DO function and will help you attain the Have.

And how do you change your beliefs and thoughts?  First of all, identify what beliefs are thoughts are holding you back and then identify what beliefs and thoughts you need to have to support you achieving your Have. You then write a new script/program for the mind that embeds the new beliefs and thinking by using self-hypnosis.


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Hi there. I have an interest in personal change - for the better and have done so for many years. I am working on meditation - that's a work in progress. I have been on a number of Vipassana retreats. I found these of great value. I also have an interest in self-hypnosis and how it can help with self improvement. My blog is on topics associated with personal change, hypnosis, Vipassana and Huna
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