Goal Setting 3 – Emotion

In my last post on setting and achieving your goals, I talked about the need to have a clear image of what you want to achieve – your goal. Without that clear image, you are less likely to achieve your goal. I also briefly touched on how does it feel having achieved the goal?

hillary everest

Emotions play a large part in achieving goals. Aside from the vision, emotions help you to overcome obstacles when things get tough. In an earlier post, I commented on the fact that the more energy or emotion applied to a vision or memory will result in stronger synaptic connections. The more emotion, the stronger the connections.

neural links

So, you now have a vision. It’s time to add the emotion.
As you visualise your goal, add in what it will feel like having achieved the goal. Colour it with as much emotion and feeling as you can. Really feel like you are living the goal achieved. Feel it in the here and now.

trevi fountain

Say your goal was a overseas trip to Rome. See yourself walking around Rome. Standing in front of the Trevi Fountain, sitting on the side of it, throwing in a coin so that you will return one day. The pigeons flying around. Seeing the water cascade down in front of the statues. Hear the excited chatter and laughter of other tourists. Live the scene as if you are there. Eating a pizza or pasta at a restaurant, at an outdoor table. What does the pizza taste like? What is the wine you are drinking? Who are you with? What is the spectacle that you see moving past your table as you eat? Are people walking by, talking, rushing off to work? Lovers walking by arm in arm. Nothing exists but them.

As you can see from the above example, there is a lot of detail in the mental image. Add the detail, add the emotion of what you are feeling. Bring your goal to life in your mind.

Each time you visualise your goal achieved, add the emotion the feelings. Be in the goal. Don’t be an observer, standing looking at it from a distance. Completely immerse yourself in the vision, experience. Enrich your experience and you will be rewarded

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