How Do You Label Yourself?

It’s an interesting fact – we all talk to ourselves.  They say to be careful if you answer yourself! 🙂  But it’s a fact.  And if we talk to ourselves, what are we saying?  And if we are talking about ourselves, what is the tone of that conversation?

In this post I’m going to talk a little about those conversations that we have with ourselves about ourselves.  During those internal conversations, how many of you have given yourself a negative label (called yourself a name) when you have done something that didn’t turn out the way you wanted? “I’m such a.…” or “I can’t…..” “You…..” you can fill in the blanks.


Or how about just general skills like maths: “I’m such a …..” “I’ll never get it…”  The list goes on.  We label ourselves all the time.  And we do it repetitively, and with lots of emotion normally.

Well, when we do that on a consistent basis, we tend to hypnotise ourselves and, hey presto, it becomes our truth!

The subconscious is always listening!  And if we continue to repeat a way of talking to ourselves and with lots of emotion, the brain will wire itself to support that thinking.  Before long we have created a limiting paradigm for ourselves.

stop sign

So how do we stop that negative self talk and eventual programming?  Well the only way I know how is to become aware of our self talk and the tone of it.

First you need to understand that constant negative emotive self talk is not good for you.  Once you understand that, you can then begin to change it.  Remember, energy flows where attention goes.  So if you are focusing a lot of energy on those negative labels in mind, you are not using the energy to move you to a better place!

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Hi there. I have an interest in personal change - for the better and have done so for many years. I am working on meditation - that's a work in progress. I have been on a number of Vipassana retreats. I found these of great value. I also have an interest in self-hypnosis and how it can help with self improvement. My blog is on topics associated with personal change, hypnosis, Vipassana and Huna
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4 Responses to How Do You Label Yourself?

  1. Mind of Andy says:

    I loved reading this 🙂
    I will start paying more attention to this area of life immediately!
    Thank you for a great post. You deserve more attention 🙂

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