Single Lane Road or Super Highway?

The brain is an interesting thing. Humankind is slowly discovering more about it. When we first start out with a new habit or change, it is like constructing a new road.

roadconstructionWe typically envision a 8 land super highway (look great, have lots of money, are fit and healthy etc).


But what we normally end up with is either like a two lane highway or worse still


 a dirt road!

dirtroad1So how do you get what you originally intended and not what you didn’t want.  Firstly, you need to realise that things may not always end up as you intended.  If you were after wealth, it may come in a way you didn’t imagine!

To get that super highway, what’s required?  Well, like building a new road, time and effort & of course that good old plan.  We know what we want to have at the end of our rainbow, and we have learnt that we need to have a clear image and that we have involved our emotions as we imagine the change.  We also need to focus on it daily.

The more we apply our attention to our desired change, the more likely it is to materialise. Remember that in an earlier post I spoke about the Huna precept: “energy flows where attention goes!”?  This applies here.  To make new strong brain connections that support the new habits and change you desire, requires focused attention.  The more that you do this and over time, the stronger the new connections will be.

For example – stopping smoking.  An image of you living a clean healthly life and enjoying every breath of fresh air, of walking effortlessly, and enjoying the energy flowing through your body.  Of you laughing and joking with friends in a social setting or at work.  Focusing on this every day, even when the craving for a cigarette is strong, will build the new connections that will support your new healthy choice.

Again, hypnosis is a great aid to help with building and embedding that new image.

Until next time



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Hi there. I have an interest in personal change - for the better and have done so for many years. I am working on meditation - that's a work in progress. I have been on a number of Vipassana retreats. I found these of great value. I also have an interest in self-hypnosis and how it can help with self improvement. My blog is on topics associated with personal change, hypnosis, Vipassana and Huna
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