So What Do I want to Focus on??

In my last post I talked about the Huna precept that: energy flows where attention goes. And the clues about where we are focusing our energy, once we wake up, are all around us. Pointing out what we are thinking about the most. What our beliefs are, what and where we are putting our energy.

The fourth Huna precept is: Manawa. Now is the moment of power. Not the past or future, but Now! So if our attention is focused in the past or future – and that is where all our energy is going – how much energy do we have left to focus on the present moment? Not a lot I would say. I have found it pretty draining thinking about past and future.

But what and how do we focus our energy on good stuff? If we are stuck in a rut of thinking, how do we escape – lift our selves up and onto a different road?

Well this is where mindfulness comes in! Being Mindful helps keep you in the present.  Apart from reading books and doing exercises, you can use hypnosis.

The mind will wander and settle on a topic if there is no clear direction in which thoughts are channeled (the rut). To get out of the rut, one needs to start choosing a new direction. This raises the question of where am I headed? What do I want out of life?

Life without a clear direction is like a rudderless ship. I have discovered that trying to make and sustain a change in my life requires me to set a direction that I want my life to head in.
And the answer to that is… guessed it – another post! 🙂

until next time



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Hi there. I have an interest in personal change - for the better and have done so for many years. I am working on meditation - that's a work in progress. I have been on a number of Vipassana retreats. I found these of great value. I also have an interest in self-hypnosis and how it can help with self improvement. My blog is on topics associated with personal change, hypnosis, Vipassana and Huna
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