A Great Bookend to My Last Post

In my last post I talked about Every Child should be taught to expect Success.And how labels are applied to some of us as we are growing up.

This interview points out the challenges that we have created for our children by going in the opposite direction. Of removing barriers, of giving medals for just participating, of not creating strong character and strong self-esteem.

This interview of  Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, and social media addiction

A very thought provoking and inspiring speech with Tom Bilyeu





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Every Child Should Be Taught to Expect Success

wrote “Every child should be taught to expect success, and to believe that he was born to achieve, as the acorn is destined to become an oak.”

He then went on to say: ” It is cruel for parents and teachers to tell children that they are dull or stupid, or that they are not like others of their age. They should inspire them, instead, with hope and confidence and belief in their success birthright. A child should be trained to expect great things, and should believe firmly in his God-given power to accomplish something worth while in the world.”

How many adults have thus been programmed from an early age and are therefore not living up to their full potential. What mindsets have been set so a to limit their belief in what they are truly capable of?

I’ve written previously in this blog about Labels and Glass Ceilings. For this is what this programming creates: false labels and false ceilings of ability.

The first challenge to removing the false labels and glass ceilings is to understand that we are capable of more than we think we are.

The second challenge is to learn believe that the impossible is possible. To dare to dream just a little and then to go out and get runs on the board. This will build the self-esteem which says – I can do this.

From this position of I know I can do this then starts to grow the belief that I can do something that I haven’t tied yet! This is the birth of self-confidence.

Getting small runs on the board builds the belief that I can do this. Celebrating these runs builds the neural networks of capability and possibility. We start to learn that we can fly. Bit by bit as we gain confidence through small wins each day, then bigger win and bigger wins. As we build this storehouse of success, we build the foundation of confidence to tackle bigger tasks and goals that we wouldn’t have thought possible before we started the journey.

It all starts with getting small wins on the board and celebrating them!

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I am back after a break

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. A lot has happened since I’ve been away. Life has moved on and changed. In the time I’ve been away, I’ve read more books, experimented more and ruminated on life.

clock face

I’ve buried a parent, attended two weddings, one as Best Man and looked at life with the knowledge I have gained over the years.

We have amazing potential. Sometimes we rise up and express it. Sometimes briefly, then drop back as life consumes us, or our ‘environment’ and programming takes over. Holding us back from what we could be.

Other times, we surprise ourselves, and we grow into the potential that exists within us. We embrace new beliefs about what is possible and let go of the old ones that say that only what we have and do is possible and all else is impossible. As we adopt the new beliefs of greater possibility, we begin to stand taller, to move outside our comfort zone, to claim a larger, bigger area that we operate within. An area that continues to grow as we gain the wisdom to know that we are only limited by our beliefs and past programming and current thoughts.

The first precept of Huna states:        Ike: The world is what you think it is!

This is true. Our individual worlds are a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs.

As Henry Ford said all those years ago:

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right!”

What can we be? Well that is up to you to determine. We can blame circumstances, our parents or any number of other things. But history has shown us, and life continues to show us, that we can rise above these limitations and be great by tapping into what is within us. By breaking through the fear.

Kala: There are no limits!

Until next time





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Personal Change Is an Inside Job

Personal change is an inside job. Yep, it all starts from inside the brain/mind!


A number of years ago I read about a group of people who were moved out of a slum into a brand new apartment block. Their old building was run down and quite frankly a dump. There was a lot of unemployment, poor health and there was a lot of crime. It was believed that the move would bring about positive changes for them.

Well in time, the new apartment looked very much like the old slum they had come from. You see, the authorities had tried to change the people from the outside! They still carried their old beliefs and behaviours with them to the new building. So nothing really changed.

Oh some people took the opportunity an changed, but the majority didn’t.

To get the get the changes we want in our life, we must first change the image in our minds. Bring our desired changes to life in our minds with strong images and feelings.

These images start creating changes in the structure of the brain. In the neural connections within the brain. Slowly these changes in the brain start to change our mind and how we think and act. The more we engage in visualising the changes the stronger the new neural connections become.

cropped-neurons.jpegThis then starts to bring about changes in our outside world!

As Steven Covey has said – “Start with the end in mind!!” Start with the vision. Live the vision in your minds eye. Be a part of the movie you see on the screen of your mind. Then you will start to see the changes in your life!

Use self-hypnosis to help you create the vivid image and live it!

until next time




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Choose Better Words To Talk To Yourself With

In a previous post I talked about how the sub-conscious is always listening to what we say to ourselves (and to others). Words have power!!

self talk wordsWe use different words in the different environments we live in each day. The environment of home, family, extended family, play, work, work colleagues, friends, money, social….the list goes on.

Each environment can be thought of a bubble. Individual bubbles or paradigms may intersect with another bubble or paradigm. That is, we may use a certain set of words in one environment and not in other, or we can use words in two or more environments.

bubblesThe above sounds pretty complex, but what I am trying to convey is that we define ourselves and our abilities in each of those environments. Our definitions of ourselves is reflected in the words that we use.

Lets take the environment of work. We may define this environment with words like: “I’m no good at ….; or I can’t do that…; or I don’t know, I’m not sure, I’ve not done that before….”

These words show a reflection of our mindset and beliefs about ourselves.

When we continue to use these words, we continue to reinforce the neural pathways associated with that thinking and set of beliefs.

The beauty is that we can change and rewire our brains. By using better words. Words that are supportive and positive like: “I can do this! I don’t have the skills at the moment, but I am giving myself the time to develop them! I believe in myself!!”

The old adage – the pen is mightier than the sword – is very true!

Words can build us up or knock us down. And keep us down!!

What words are you going to choose to change to support a better tomorrow for yourself??

until next time



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You hold your future in your hands today!

If you knew that you held your future in your hands, right now, today, what would you do differently? What would you change in your life?

Well, stop for a moment and think about what I’ve just asked. You do in fact hold your future in your hands right now!!!

Scary thought isn’t it?

Crystal ballWe don’t need a crystal ball to look into the future. Why not?

It’s quite simple really. “Because if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!!”

We are where we are today as a result of our thinking. Our thinking is mainly based on our beliefs. We develop a lot of our beliefs at an early age and many are unconsciously added.

When was the last time that you questioned your beliefs? Which ones are supporting you? Which ones are holding you back?

So what are you going to do differently today? What are you going to do to have that better, brighter future?

You do hold your future in your hands today.




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Create new Supportive Habits

Many of us have mental habits that are negative and unsupportive in helping us to achieve in life. How do you develop new supportive habits?

Use self-hypnosis to help develop new mental habits to replace those that are negative or unsupportive. Review the new habits daily – morning & night to create and strengthen the new neural pathways.

Start with writing a script using positive life affirming statements. The review the script each day. First thing in the morning, either before you get out of bed, or just after you get up. This is when the brain is still in the Alpha state. Then again just before you go to sleep.

Remember to continue to do this for as long as it takes to instill the new habitual thinking. It takes time to create then strengthen new neural pathways in the brain. (Neurons the fire together, wire together).

The more you focus on the new positive, life affirming habits, then the old habits connections in your brain will start to weaken.

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Get Out of My Way Conscious Mind!

I read an article recently

One of the first things that hypnosis does, is to distract the conscious mind. Why is this?

Well, the conscious mind acts as a bit of a controller, gate keeper and a filter on what we think.

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The Plastic Brain & Self-Hypnosis

One of the most important discoveries of the brain in the last 50 years, is its plasticity. The ability of the brain to change and adapt, to grow new neural paths and connections and drop or atrophy unwanted connections.


This discovery has helped break the old beliefs that the brain, once past childhood, is fixed and not capable of change.

Hypnosis has used this ability of the brain to change, for many years. The research into brain plasticity is allowing us to understand, in part, why hypnosis is effective in creating change in ones life.

By using self-hypnotic suggestions and tools, one is able to begin and then sustain the desired change in their lives. To break free of the shackles of past limiting beliefs and to begin to achieve their true potential. To enhance their lives and to take control.

Using the power of hypnosis to directly influence the sub-conscious mind, allows for faster change. This change is bought about by creating new, supportive neural connections in the brain. Connections that are strengthen the more one uses a self-hypnotic program of the new belief or behaviour that they are seeking to embed in their lives.

until next time



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What has Learning to Paddle Board Got to Do With Self Hypnosis?

I suppose some of you are wondering what learning to Paddle Board has to do with self-hypnosis. Well quite a bit really!

swinging watch

You see, what we focus on and then talk ourselves into, (hypnotise ourselves), becomes our new reality.

I hypnotised myself to focus on staying on the paddle board for longer and longer periods of time. That became my reality. No matter that there were boat wakes and waves, I stayed on the paddle board the whole time I was out on the water.

Now if I’d allowed my brothers suggestion to take hold, I would have been falling off the board, rather than staying on it!!

If you lock your mind around a given idea, and you hold that idea to be true, it will be for you. For me, in this instance, it was staying on the paddle board. This became my truth and reality.

What idea are you locking your mind around? Is this idea positive and supportive and taking you in the direction you want to go, or is it negative and unsupportive and taking you in the opposite direction that you want to go?

until next time



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